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We are practising architectural consultancy and other services since December, 2009 as sole traders named theROOF. In 2012 we have changed our business strategies and we merged with ARCHVIZ became a part of GLOBAL INTERACTION LTD

The design philosophy of theROOF is that all work should be thoughtfully considered, and that the projects should be designed so that they are respectful of their surroundings.

Architecture, done well, enhances the experience of life.  theROOF Projects choreograph space, light, context, materials, and craftsmanship in the service of improving human experience – those of our clients, and the members of the communities in which they live.

Thoughtful consideration includes several aspects. Foremost, an effective architect must be a good listener. We start the design with a clear understanding of the client’s concerns, lifestyle, and goals. Successful projects are generated from an open, honest, and collaborative relationship between the owner, the architect, and eventually the contractor. Thoughtful design often means considering various ways that the client’s goals can be achieved. These options are then discussed and the discussions guide the project in the most appropriate direction. Thoughtful design also means careful, realistic consideration of the project relative to the project budget.

theROOF believes that projects should be respectful of their surroundings and context. Building materials, roof shapes, connections, etc., are thoughtfully considered to achieve an appropriate, integrated, and often seamless whole. Projects should also be respectful of their sites, their adjacent neighbours, and the community.

We have been identified as visionaries, a brand we welcome.  Great spaces begin with intense vision.  Our experience ensures this intensity takes form within budgets.

PLUMMY FASHIONS at Narayanganj

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theROOF  HAS  FOLLOWING  MAJOR  DEPARTMENTS: [dt_gap height=”15″ /]

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  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design
  • Furniture Design and Production
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  • Planning
  • Development & Construction
  • Landscape Designing

Each department is headed by a director of the company and has highly qualified staff with expertise in various branches of Engineering, Architecture & Planning. A close liaison is maintained at all levels between the departments to ensure co-ordination of the work of the participating department. Sufficient flexibility is maintained so that one department can draw on the personnel &services of another department according to necessity. The company maintains rather large field staff for various types of engineering surveys, socio-economic survey & construction supervision. The drafting & reproduction section is also very well equipped and is staffed by highly skilled personnel.

The extensive experience of the key members of the organization and the supporting staff allows the company to offer a comprehensive range of services commending with preliminary investigation and following through the various stage of planning and study, detail design, reports, specifications and contract negotiation, management of construction.

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Interior Design Services

  • Interior Design of Residential Building
  • Interior Design of Corporate Office Building
  • Interior Design of Restaurant and Hotel Building

Furniture Design and Refurbishment Services

  • Various Types of Furniture and Production
  • Designing Built In Apartment Furniture
  • Designing All Kinds of Office Furniture
  • Production Furniture’s According to Design

Landscaping Services

  • Landscape Design
  • Buildings with Parking Facility
  • Plantation and Grass Implants
  • Fountain Designing

Architecture and Relevant Fields

  • Conservation
  • Conservation and Renovation
  • Buildings with one or more layers of parking facility
  • Social & Low Cost Housing
  • Urban Development & City Planning
  • 3D Visualization
  • Model Making

Hotel, Restaurant and Amusement Theme Development

  • Specialized in Hotel Designing
  • Resort and motel
  • Brand Promotion Restaurant Chain Design
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A straight forward friendly Professional approach to your requirements, starting with; A Free initial Design Consultation aimed at developing your ideas for your building project. Be it a single story extension a new House a Loft Conversion or an outline planning scheme we aim to offer a high quality design service, and produce work that is both Functional and Practical.

we try where appropriate to introduce Sustainable Technology into ordinary peoples private dwellings. we aim to produce drawings of your individual scheme to submit to the local authority for their consideration, For Planning and Building Regulation Approvals. Including design and access Statements, Daylight -Sunlight Assessments, Flood Risk Assessments, if Required.

The code for sustainable home requirements for New Builds.

All drawings are produced computer based. The existing and Proposed drawings therefore are clear accurate and easy to read. The plans produced should enable your contractor to provide you with a comprehensive quotation. we work closely with other professionals such as, Structural /  Mechanical / Electrical engineers to provide additional information requested by building control or your Contractor.

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We provide full range of services on a wide variety of projects through initial stages to completion. These include the following:

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Pre-feasibility Studies:

Site inspections, project identification and appraisal recommendation and report.

Feasibility Studies:

Investigations, compilation and analysis of data, field survey & census, preliminary design, study of alternatives, benefit/cost studies and report.

Field Investigation:

Topographic and hydrological surveys, sub-soil investigation, materials investigation etc.

Physical Planning:

Client requirements, study of physical factors influencing design, development of Master Plan, space planning and forms, development of plans for individual structures.

Engineering Design:

Auto CAD generated detailed drawings, recent software oriented structural design, Construction schedule and specifications, cost estimations and construction planning, tender documents, design report.

Construction Management and Supervision:

Pre-qualification of Tenders, floating of tenders, evaluation of tenders and recommendation on selection of contractors, construction supervision, project management, cost control, inspection and testing of materials and equipment.

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BUILDING PROJECTS (Residential and Commercial)

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Ar. Meherun Farzana

Ar. Meherun Farzana

BSc. (Hons) in Architecture

Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET)

Membership: Institute of Architects Bangladesh (IAB) & RAJUK

Registration No: (F -016)

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Ar. Sayed Khaled Mahamood

BSc. (Hons) in Architecture

Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET)

Membership: Institute of Architects Bangladesh (IAB) & RAJUK

Registration No: (M-082)

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Syed M Islam

BSc. (Hons) in Graphics Design

Coventry University, United Kingdom

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Head Office :
1A & 1B Durban Road,
 London E15 3BW, United Kingdom.
Mobile: +44 (0) 797 334 6945, +44 (0) 796 072 5989


Dhaka Branch : House # 123 (Ground. Floor), Road # 08,
Mohammadia Housing Ltd., Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh,
Mobile: +880 1913 479 010,   +880 1765 540 507,